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Frozen Movie Nudity Review

Rating = 6 Breasts, Just OK

Frozen actually shows four different women’s breasts.  First at the 9 min mark we see a very quick, and I mean 1 sec flash of a women buried in the ground and she has one breast exposed.  I would guess it to be an A cup.  At the 13 min mark we see two women in the ground with a man’s arm going across them.  We see both breasts of one of the women and part of a breast on the other women.  Both appear to be about a B cup.  Finally, at the 1:17 mark we see a fourth women’s breast as she lays down on a table and has trails of blood running around her breasts.  They appear to be about C cups, and one is more visible than the other.  Overall,  the nudity in this movie appears to be plentiful, but in reality leaves you hanging!

Sometimes They Come Back… For More (AKA: Frozen) is based on a Stephen King novel with a release date of 1998 and stars Clayton Rohner, Faith Ford, Damian Chapa, and Jennifer O’Dell.  You can find it playing on the Encore movie channel, or you can buy it on Amazon.com!  You can also find the non-nude review at imdb.com.  For more nakedness in horror movies check out The Bleeding.

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